Build it – Paint it – Play it! CALAFANT cardboard toys
encourage and support children’s creativity.

Studies have proven that, apart from language, creativity is the most important way for children to express themselves. Whenever they paint, do craft projects, build models or engage in pretend play, they work out emotions, experiences and learn to find their own solutions. Plus, they practice their fine and gross motor skills. Child psychologists, doctors and teachers recommend supporting the creative development of children.

We at CALAFANT have developed toys for this exact reason: CALAFANT toys are easy to build, fun to decorate and wonderful to play with – for any child.

All CALAFANT models are designed in Germany and made of high-quality, recyclable cardboardAll pieces are pre-cut and pre-punched. They can be put together without glue and scissors thanks to the CALAFANT slot-system. An illustrated manual is included with each toy.

CALAFANT cardboard toys can be painted and decorated as you imagine it.